Walks Ullswater Author: Richard Hallewell

Walks Ullswater Author: Richard Hallewell

Walks Ullswater – Author: Richard Hallewell

Re walked by Richard Hallewell & Becky Coope

A trip to the Lake District is always a joy, and a sunny spell in March in the hills around Ullswater is a particular pleasure.  The sky was clear, the paths dry and the views as stunning as ever.  Having said that, our visit coincided with the aftermath of some of the worst flooding the area has seen in recent years.  The damage to the village of Glenridding was considerable, and the old road bridge at Pooley Bridge had been washed away completely.  More generally, the water erosion on the hillsides was more extreme than I ever remember seeing.  Everything is now reopened, but it did mean that we were unable to rewalk all the walks in the book during that visit.  Specifically, the signposting of the walks around Glenridding will need to be looked at again, once all the rebuilding has been completed.

Beyond that, there were a few alterations to route descriptions, but otherwise very little has changed.  The Lake District is a busy area, of course (and for that reason it can pay to avoid the summer months, if possible), but there is a reason for that.  No part of Britain (that I know) has this density of superb paths and scenery in so small an area.  Ullswater is a particularly beautiful corner of one of the country’s finest walking areas.

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