Ka, the Ring & the Raven


by Richard Hallewell (2021)

163 pages, with 21 pen and ink illustrations by Rebecca Coope
Paperback 165mm x 115mm
Ka, a jackdaw, discovers he can talk to other birds and animals – including people.  Rather than bringing him the benefits he might have hoped for, this ability leads to his exclusion from his own family and drives him to undertake a long and dangerous journey in search of a seemingly mythical figure: the Old Raven.  In the course of his travels he visits places and meets characters he could never otherwise have imagined, and reaches a fuller understanding of his own behaviour.
In this, his first novel, Richard makes use of his extensive knowledge of Britain’s countryside and natural history – much of it gained during the thousands of miles he has walked researching walking guides – to create a charming adventure story which should appeal to children and adults alike.
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