Walks Loch Lomond & The Trossachs

Authors: Luke Williams & Richard Hallewell

Rewalked 2019 by Richard Hallewell and Becky Coope

This is a restructured and expanded version of the old guide Walks The Trossachs, primarily changed because we wanted to include the western shore of Loch Lomond in the book.  The bulk of the walks (and the cover) are the same as for the earlier guide, but the name has been changed and three routes added to the west of the loch.
The most significant addition in the west is The Cobbler: one of the iconic climbs of the south-west Highlands.  The climb is short and steep, but tricky near the top.  The views from the ridge are spectacular.  In addition we have included 2 short walks to the west of the loch, the forest walk at Tarbet Isle and the short stroll to the splendid viewpoint at Falls of Falloch.
Although the routes in the rest of the book are largely unaltered, there is a mass of change in details and some new routes have been added.  The routes around Callander have been restructured, to make better use of the fine network of signposted routes which have been laid out around the town.  We have also added a new route – the circuit by the dramatic Bracklinn Falls.  The walks around Aberfoyle have also been improved and a new circuit by the River Forth from the village included.  Elsewhere, the description of the Ben Ledi route has been extended to become a circuit; a new signposted circuit has been added to the description of the route beside Loch Katrine giving a shorter there-and-back option from the car park at the east end of the loch; and the description of the path between Aberfoyle and Callander has been updated, to take note of the changes to the route on the ground.  In addition, there are a large number of small alterations to bring the text/maps up to date.
This is one of Scotland’s classic walking areas, with fine hill walks (Ben Lomond, Ben Ledi, Ben A’an), wonderful loch side paths and a variety of forest walks.  Since the establishment of the National Park in 2002, the area has become increasingly popular and considerable efforts are made to keep the paths and signposting in good order.  This is a gem of an area with walks to suit all abilities and a great range of services for visitors and well worth a visit.
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