Walks North York Moors Western Area

Walks North York Moors Western Area

Author: Richard Hallewell

Rewalked by: Maggie & Richard Legate

Our introduction to these walks was the short climb up Roseberry Topping, a distinctive hill sometimes compared to the Matterhorn, and what a superb introduction. The views stretched out for miles…

Despite walking in the month of June, these walks were always a joy because me met very few people. Covid was beginning to fade out at the time we were walking, but it still felt good not being on busy walks and somehow I even managed to test positive at the end of the weeks walking!

Ingleby Bank was fascinating, and the Incline marks the point where the railway carrying the ironstone from Rosedale left the moors and dropped down into Cleveland at a gradient of up to 1 in 5. Wagons attached to steel ropes were pulled and lowered up and down the slope simultaneously. Not so good if the ropes gave way of course!

The Wain Stones provided another superb vantage point and was a dramatic rock outcrop of weathered sandstone, a very prominent feature in the North York Moors.

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Photograph: The Wain Stones (Walk 8)