And now for something a little different…


As some of you may have realised, we are a very small company. The business consists of Richard Hallewell – writer, editor and publisher who is responsible for writing and/or editing all of the walking guides – and his sister Rebecca Hallewell/Coope – an artist and designer, who does all of the mapping, illustration and cover artwork. The typesetting and book design are done jointly, and we are proud to say that all of our books are printed in the UK on FSC paper and distributed from our base in Argyll. We started the series of walking guides over 25 years ago, having worked together on various other projects for a number of years prior to that.

When Covid 19 hit in the spring, our sales of the guides (understandably) went into decline and walking was impossible. Although this was tough, it gave us the chance to finish a project which has been underway for a little while, and here it is.

Ka, the Ring & the Raven is Richard’s first novel. He uses his knowledge of Britain’s countryside and natural history – much of it gained during the thousands of miles he has walked researching walking guides – to create a children’s adventure story in which a young jackdaw discovers he has the ability to communicate with other birds and animals – even with people. The book follows his adventures as he is driven from his flock and embarks on a long and dangerous journey of discovery. Aimed at children or young at heart adults, the book is available now from this website.

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