Hallewell Pocket Walking Guides


The first Hallewell Pocket Walking Guide was published in 1995 and the series now covers most of Scotland, much of the North of England and parts of South and South-West England. The books include as many good walks as possible within a given area.  They are compact (A6: 105 x 148mm), light, inexpensive (£1.95 to £3.50), describe between 20 and 40 walks and are 32 or 40 pages in length.  The geographical area covered by each book is small, so that each contains as great a density of walks as possible.

Each book contains routes which are suitable for walkers of all abilities and to suit all tastes.  The nature of the routes available will vary from area to area – more hill walks in mountainous areas; more low or coastal paths in others – but the intention is to provide as wide a range as possible in each book.  Serious mountaineering routes are generally avoided, but otherwise the walks described can include anything: from a gentle quarter-mile stroll to long moorland treks and the gruelling ascent of Ben Nevis.  The qualities looked for in the routes described are that they are worth doing, easily followed (ideally with a clear path) and generally recognised and accepted.

Each walk has a brief description, a two-colour sketch map and a grade (from C-grade, which indicates walks which are suitable for anyone, to A+, which highlights those which are only for experienced hill walkers).  Grid references are given to help find and follow the routes on UK Ordnance Survey maps (necessary for all A and A+ routes).  The guides are illustrated with line drawings.  To view a sample walk, please click here.

All routes are walked by the authors prior to publication.  In addition, every book is rewalked and updated approximately every seven years.  If walkers discover any changes which have occurred on any of the routes, we would be interested to hear about them.  To contact us please e-mail info@pocketwalks.com.

Although it is impossible to include all the walks within an area in a given guide, we believe that the density and variety of the walks described – which include the key routes in each area, plus walks past many places of interest – will provide walkers with a good introduction to the key walking areas in the UK.